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The idea for the Evil Sim Diaries or rather, the Diary of an Evil Sim, came about just before Sims 3 was released for the PC back in June.  Looking around for a serial project to write about, a game based diary of some sort naturally popped into my head since it is a style that I enjoy, as seen over at The Septic Circle.  Sims 3, with its free choice of who you are and what you do, (to a point), was highly appealing and the landscape of opportunity for a fun and entertaining diary was vast.  Bad and flawed people, especially exaggerated ones are much more interesting to write than good folk and with the new personality trait system being a key feature of Sims 3, creating a ‘bad’ Sim and inflicting him upon the world was too much of a lure to resist.

Thus Devon Kacey, in his evil glory, was born and was quickly followed by his partner in crime, Renna.  The diaries largely focus on Devon, his viewpoint, actions, and reactions to everything as he tries to dominate the world.  At a later point, should time permit (a laughable notion at best), I may explore Renna’s thoughts and actions in diary form to compliment and accompany Devon’s…a fun prospect, even if only in a small sideswipe paragraph or ‘afterthought’…still, time will tell.

Starting life on, a site for my gaming writing, I quickly decided to give the evil sim diaries a home of their own in order to expand on the opportunities and ideas which they threw up (and also to avoid having the rest of my site buried under Sims nonsense).  At the moment, they appear on a semi-regular basis and veer from the mundane to slightly less everyday things.

Ultimately though, for anyone expecting anything thrilling or groundbreaking, this is the Sims, not Gears of War, and there is only so much you can generate in the way of action or excitement.  While I have taken the angle of chronicling the life of an evil Sim and trying, through my writing, to make the character and his life as entertaining as possible, it won’t be to everyone’s interest, despite Devon and Renna’s best twisted efforts.  So if you are curious or bored enough, jump into their world.  Obviously, the entries are listed with most recent appearing first, so if you want to read from the start, you’ll have to backtrack.

Please note: As much as I loathe disclaimers, they are sadly necessary, even here.

This is an adult site and is intended for either a mature audience or one which can be considered mature enough to be responsible for what they read; the content reflects this in both language and tone, and as such, any reader views/reads it at their own discretion.  I believe in people taking responsibility for their own reading choices which in no way are the responsibility or interest of the site owner should offence be taken.  Not every article or diary entry will be to everyone’s taste, but it may be to mine, which is rather the point.

Modding is a big part of Sims community life, so as more mods are made available and proved to be stable, they will be added to my game to enhance the more mature or ‘adult’ side of life.  These take the form of nude patches and naked body clothing for a more realistic and less censored approach to the game, along with adult objects which are either ‘dark’, mature, or sexy – some graphically so.  Given the nature of the two lead characters, the presence of such things in their diaries or accompanying photos are not unreasonable, and therefore any reader has been warned.

If you don’t like any of these things, then I politely suggest that you get over it and move on.  So, I urge anyone who is of the more puritanical or ‘keyboard commando’ persuasion to please think long and hard before typing out a complaint which is splitting at the seams with bile or righteous indignation.

Anyway, what is an evil Sim without a delectable dungeon, St Andrew’s Cross, phallic statue, or at least a set of shackles, anyway?  Not least a badly painted ‘No Trespassing’ sign.  (No fluffy white cats though…Devon is allergic.)