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Research and Results

[ 0 ] November 22, 2009 | admin

A grand entrance and I don't just mean the pillars.

After spending a significant amount of hours at the library studying the history of this tediously saccharine town and pouring over old records and plans at City Hall, I have made some interesting discoveries.  The town in all its gruesome sweetness sits atop several rich seams of minerals and precious metals, and while all workings were shut down years ago to preserve the town’s ‘natural beauty’ and to ‘build a safer, environmentally friendly community’ – (give me strength), these assets remain…locked away beneath this fascia of sculpted lawns and child-friendly decking.

Extensive research

Renna has used some of her newly acquired contacts who work at the town hall to delve further into the restricted archives for her under the guise of writing a paper on the devastating effects that mining had on the surrounding green belt land and local wildlife (pass the sick bag).  The results are the location of an old gold mine which has long been lost from the public memory, but which still lies abandoned on the outskirts of town in the more unreachable areas.  Overjoyed!  I shall have to offer myself up to her twisted desires tonight as a reward…must remember to buy salve for my inevitable rope burns.

Clandestine meets

Exhausted this morning thanks to the deviant desires of my sweet Renna, but eminently satisfied…I can barely walk this morning.  I have put work on hold and left my useless boss to sugar his own tea and re-order his favourite Fruit Pastilles in order to head out to the abandoned mine and see what I can find.

Should it prove fruitless however, one of the papers from a bleeding-heart environmentalist that Renna turned up at City Hall contained some explosive information: there used to be a processing plant on the far edge of town where raw plutonium and other metals were handled.  After various petitions and protests by the putrid, jellyfish citizens of this town, it was forced to close.  The place was on the grounds where the abandoned warehouse now sits – in other words, our place of work – our criminal hideout!  Moments from our home! Who knows what riches lay lost in the festering rubble and undergrowth which has encroached on the buildings over time?  A hopefully evil and productive day awaits!

Regal surroundings of the town library

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