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Mailbag - Jan 2010

Mailbag – Jan 2010

[ 0 ] January 7, 2010

Dear Devon,
How old were you when you first had evil inclinations?  I am twenty one and think that I might be evil but I’m not sure.
Sincerely, Brian
Dear Moron,
You don’t ‘think’ you’re evil, you either are evil or you aren’t (and are therefore beneath me/fodder).  I was evil in my father’s scrotum and if my [...]

Research and Results

Research and Results

[ 0 ] November 22, 2009

After spending a significant amount of hours at the library studying the history of this tediously saccharine town and pouring over old records and plans at City Hall, I have made some interesting discoveries.  The town in all its gruesome sweetness sits atop several rich seams of minerals and precious metals, and while all workings [...]

Rocky solution to the house problem

Rocky solution to the house problem

[ 0 ] October 11, 2009

Having existed a mere handful of days in this grotty-little-nothing hole of a house and gazing wistfully at the construction plans for our home to be, my thoughts are constantly turning to our financial predicament.  Having grudgingly accepted employment on the disgustingly lowly rungs of the criminal ladder, I am only bringing in a small [...]

Devon's Evil Construction Scrapbook

Devon’s Evil Construction Scrapbook

[ 0 ] October 10, 2009

After some procrastination and much distraction by the devilishly sexy Renna, I have decided that my Devon’s Evil Construction Scrapbook (DECS for short), shall chart the progress (or lack thereof) of my new construction plans, in between the daily grind of life (and death – accidental of course). I may have to consider changing [...]

Day of firsts...

Day of firsts…

[ 0 ] October 9, 2009

After arriving at the only dowdy house that our joint finances could actually stretch to, I finally got a chance to speak to my housemate to be. Her name is Renna and I found her perfectly alluring.   There is something mesmerising about her round eyes and penchant for green that reached parts other people don’t [...]

And so it begins...

And so it begins…

[ 0 ] September 19, 2009

Well.  This is it, is it?  Hmm?  After hours of tugging, tweaking, and generally obscene prodding THIS is the best that my cack-handed Creatorix could come up with?  My eyes…well, they are fetchingly evil, I give her that and my chin is suitably strong without being of ‘modern Threepwood-esque’ proportions.  But the nose…really?  Attacked by [...]